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Humble? Maybe, but postcards are oh-so effective. They’re an often-overlooked marketing mix element that can highlight points in your appeals, direct mail packages, e-mail marketing messages and newsletters. “They have been an essential part of my marketing toolkit for years,” says insurance agency owner Ron Nanosky. “They’ve brought me thousands of dollars worth of new […]

Marketing collateral is at the heart of your clients’ company’s brand, and is another chance to make a great impression. Their marketing collateral design should always work together to reinforce and enhance their message. You may start with a brochure or maybe a presentation folder. But wherever it starts, their suite of marketing collateral is […]

As the days left in the year come to an end and the holidays start rapidly approaching, many small business owners have their marketing plans ready to go. If you’re looking to shake up your holiday marketing, or looking for a fantastic way to supplement your email marketing plans, think about adding postcards to the […]

A menu is the most important internal marketing and sales tool a restaurant has to market its food and beverage to customers. Think of a menu as a restaurant’s business card. It introduces the customer to the restaurant, and its design complements the décor, food quality, and the price range of the restaurant. A properly […]

Printing technology has made a lot of progress over the years. One of the most exciting developments is the ability to print digitally using opaque white ink. As designers, we are always looking for inspiration and white ink opens up a lot of possibilities. Dark colored substrates that would have been incredibly difficult and expensive […]

LARGE FORMAT. With our vast array of capabilities, we are able to offer some of the most advanced large format printing services. We work hard to produce high quality images on a wide array of substrates at great prices. With large format printing, attention to detail and quality is key. This is why we focus […]

Luxurious and sophisticated, Soft Feel is far from the ordinary. When applied it creates a velvety texture making the paper “soft” to the touch. This tangible sensation increases the engagement and appeal with your prospect or customer. Darker color palettes will appear more muted and luscious when Soft Feel is applied. This coating also protects […]

Some Easy to Follow Tips to Sell more Retractable Banner Stands. Showcase your customers’ company information or personal message with Victor Printing’s retractable banner stands. Compact and easy to use, a retractable banner stand is an effective and attention grabbing marketing solution for any trade show, business event or storefront. Retractable banners bring the focus […]