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Get ready to take your project to the next level with Victor Printing’s specialty printing finishing options!

Specialty printing techniques can give your brilliant design work an even greater impact. Adding a special process to your printed piece often means the difference between good and WOW!

Using any of these special printing techniques can add that unique element to a printed piece that will prompt consumers to not only pick it up, but also hold on to it longer.



Together we can get your printed piece into to shape! Our die-cutting services lets you choose from a variety of shapes. Or for a truly unique look, let Victor Printing make a one-of-a-kind shape for you.

The products you can use die-cuts on are wide ranging.

Add the eye-catching detail to:

  • Business Cards
  • Door Hangers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Presentation Folders
  • And MORE!



Want your printed piece to really shine? Add a foil stamp! Research has shown that people will perceive a printed product with foil as having a higher value and quality.

Using foil stamping will give you the advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Foil stamping is a technique that is perfect for adding a touch of class and individuality to a printed piece. It works well on many types of printed products including:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Presentation Folders
  • Greeting Cards
  • Invitations
  • Letterhead

These are just some of the endless possibilities that you can foil stamp!



Using heat to raise or push letters or a design above the surface of a sheet of paper, embossing creates an eye-catching three-dimensional effect.

It is a great way to draw attention and highlight important details such as names, designs or logos. Combine embossing with foil stamping and you really have piece that demands attention!

Embossing is a technique that is perfect for adding that extra WOW factor to your printed material including:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
  • Invitations
  • Greeting Cards
  • Certificates
  • And MORE!

Embossing is a great way to add both visual and tactile dimension to your printed material. Embossing can also be used as a security measure for formal documents such as applied by notary publics.



Print coatings are applied to printed materials primarily for protection or to achieve a certain visual effect. Coatings can provide protection against moister, scuffing, and even fingerprints.

There are four types of coatings that can be applied to a printed piece to give it an effect.

Aqueous Coating.

A fast drying, water-based coating, improves durability of printed material that is going through the mail stream. This type of coating provides remarkable rub and scuff resistance. It protects the printed piece during binding operations and guarantees a better-finished product.

Gloss Aqueous: most commonly used as a flood coating, offers higher abrasion resistance, less yellowing with age and faster dry time.

Satin Aqueous: a popular compromise between gloss and matte, offering a pleasing sheen and adequate sheet protection.

Soft Feel Aqueous: imparts a suede-like feel with a rich matte appearance to printed materials. Creating a velvety mixture making the printed piece “soft” to the touch.

Ultraviolet (UV) Coating.

Varnish is basically clear ink and can be gloss, satin or matte. A flood varnish covers the entire printed page for protection or sheen. When UV is used on deep, rich colors, the result is almost a wet appearance.

Contrast Dull Varnish: allow you to create a more striking contrast between design elements. By highlight specific areas of a printed piece, spot varnish and adds depth to elements such as a logo or image.

Gloss UV: a highly reflective finish that will give your printed piece a shiny appearance. It can make full color images and graphics appear vibrant and visually appealing. This coating will protect the ink from fading and moisture.

Satin UV: a smooth finish that is not as shiny as gloss, but produces a slight sheen. This finish enhances full color images and graphics while preserving the readability of text.

Matte UV: does not add sheen to a printed piece, and is characterized by being non-glossy and glare-free. Its non-glare surface is known for enhancing the readability of type.



Perfect Binding: accommodates color printing on both the cover and spine. Add a coating to the covers for a high shine and professional look. It’s a sure fire way for any document to stand out from the competition.

Perfect binding is the perfect way to finish:

  • Catalogs
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Reports
  • Yearbooks
  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • And MORE!

Along with perfect binding, we can help you achieve a professional printed product.

Saddle Stitched Binding: one of the most common methods of booklet binding. It is a soft type of binding, which uses staples on the seam or spine of a book or booklet where it folds.



Victor Printing we offer a wide variety of standard papers for your print project and we can also provide a great selection of premium and specialty papers and printing substrates.

Custom paper will get noticed, remembered and differentiate your customer from the competition. Open up a whole new world of marketing with print and WOW your audience with paper options such as:

  • Pearl stock
  • White linen
  • Dark colored paper
  • Flexible vinyl
  • White/Clear window cling
  • Teslin®

Regardless of the paper you choose, Victor Printing is ready to help you decide which paper best suits your print project. The rapid growth of the digital substrates market has challenged us to communicate more closely with our customers in order to provide the digital solutions that you need.



With the availability of white ink technology, you now have the option to create an impression with colored or metallic paper and continue to differentiate your print communications by maximizing your design and print efforts.

This technology allows us to print on colored papers and produce true white color as opposed to relying on knockouts on white stock, essentially, allowing our clients to produce a knockout white effect on a colored sheet which has never before been an option.

Bring new life to existing designs on a diverse range of media, including colored and metallic papers as well as transparent substrates.

White ink can be used in a variety of different applications. It’s great for wedding invitations, business cards, window clings and any other special print pieces that you want to stand out.



Scented paper is a flavorsome way to grab readers “by the nose,” engage them for a longer period of time, and enhance their overall experience. Run’nSmell is a scented varnish that prints in-line like a fifth color directly on the printed piece.

Engage customers in a new way with the creative use of scented printed materials! Scented ink is not only memorable, bit it is a unique way to add pizzazz to you print project.

If your customer owns a bakery that is promoting their newest lemon meringue cupcakes, send a scratch-n-sniff image of a lemon cupcake that invites customers to come in for the real thing.

Everyone loves that “new” car smell. If your client owns a dealership that is investing in a direct mail campaign, increase the effectiveness by adding a “new car scent” to the mailer. It will draw the customer to imaging getting into a new car.

If you are looking for maximum impact, consider the power of putting scent at the fingertips of customers.