Uploading / Proofing

  1. Once you have located the product you need and made your selections for printing, you will find a continue button at the bottom of the page. When you select this, you will get a window where you can upload your artwork.

  3. Select the first “Upload File” button and another window will pop up. You will once again be prompted to “Upload File”. When you select this, you will be able to navigate to where your file is saved and select it to add. Once you have selected your file, the name of the file will appear in the upload area with a progressive percentile showing how much of your file has been uploaded until it is complete. Please be patient, as the larger the file is, the longer it will take for the upload to complete. ** It is imperative if you are uploading working files, that you compress the files together into a .sit or a .zip file. Also an instant proof can ONLY be generated by uploading a .pdf or a .eps file.

  5. Once the upload is complete, the filename uploaded will appear in the Artwork upload area. If this is the correct file, you may select PROOF ITEM to see an instant proof of your file. If you selected the wrong file, you may simply select the “Upload File” button again and navigate to the correct one. If you have more than one file to upload, simply use the second “Upload File” button to add another file.

  7. If a .PDF file has been uploaded, you will be able to instantly proof your item. If you have chosen another file type, a preview of your job will not appear, but the name of the file uploaded will.

  9. Upon proofing your art, you will have 3 options: to EDIT INFORMATION – this will take you back and allow you to change your ordering information and delete whatever was in your shopping cart. To CONTINUE SHOPPING – this will also take you back to the ordering area, but it will hold what you had previously added to your shopping cart. Or you can CONTINUE – which will take you to choose your shipping options.

  11. If you have elected to have a PDF proof of your job sent, one will be provided to you within 24 hours. If any problems or questions have been found with your file, you may be contacted about them.

  13. If you have elected to receive a contract proof , if it’s an available option, we will also try to get a proof out within a 24 hour time period. This is subject to the complexity of the job & the quality of the files received, if they are not a print ready PDF file.

  15. Upon proof approval, your job will be put into production.