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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files will you accept?

For fast, efficient turnaround on jobs, we recommend uploading print ready high resolution PDF files. Submitting this file type will also allow for an instant proof to be generated for your approval if ordering through the online store. If you would prefer to send us working files, that is acceptable also, but make sure to include all fonts and images used. You will need to compress your items together using either WinZip or Stuffit to maintain the integrity of the files. If you submit working files, an instant proof will not be available.

How can I get my files to you?

We have provided you with an easy and convenient area to upload your file. Once you have completed all your pertinent order information, when you click on “continue” you will be prompted to upload file (we recommend print ready PDF files). Simply click on this and another window will pop up where you can select a file to upload. You will be able to navigate to where your file is saved and select it for upload. It may take a few moments, depending on file size. It will let you know how much has been uploaded via percentage. After your file is uploaded, you will have the option to cancel or proof your item, which will generate an instant proof, if a PDF file has been used. Otherwise you will see the file name uploaded.

Can I email the files directly to Victor Printing, Inc.?

No, please do not email them to us. If you are using our online ordering system it is best to upload them in the designated area. This will keep the job information needed neatly in one area. We won’t be looking at various areas for the needed artwork to produce your job.

When will my job be entered into production?

Your job will be put into production after the file upload is complete. Your job will be put through to our pre-press department for checking and proofed within 24 hours. If there any questions or concerns with your order, you will be contacted and asked to clarify prior to moving forward with production.

What will turnaround time be?

Turnaround time differs for each of our products and is based on the estimated time necessary to complete your order under normal circumstances. This time will begin after proof approval is received. Turnaround time is considered the time that Victor Printing, Inc. has the job in house. Time required to ship the final order is not considered part of our turnaround time. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Will a proof be sent to me? If so, how?

When you upload a PDF to print, an instant proof is available after placing your order, but you may also choose to have a PDF emailed to you directly. A contract proof is available for some of our products at an additional cost. This will also cause your ship date to be adjusted for proofing time. Once a proof has been approved, Victor Printing, Inc. will not be held responsible for any errors. See our Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

I did not request a proof, but I received one anyway. Why?

Often times if a job is a high dollar amount, a large quantity, has a lot of detail or finishing work or if our prepress is concerned about something on your job, a proof will be submitted for your approval. If a proof is submitted, we require that you do approve the job even if the proof request was not made by you and there may be additional costs applied for the proof. We apologize if this causes any time delays, but we want to be sure we are producing the highest quality jobs for all involved and we want them to be correct.

If I sign off on a proof, but it was incorrect who is responsible?

If the job was printed as submitted and you, the customer, signed off on the proof approval, Victor Printing, Inc. will not be held responsible for errors that were contained in the initial files sent to us. See our Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Are there extra charges for any changes or corrections needed in my submitted artwork? For instance, adding bleed or adjusting folds.

Our pricing is based on files submitted that are print ready, or files that do not need any corrections or adjustments. If our prepress department finds any problems with your files, you will be contacted and given the option to make the necessary corrections or have Victor Printing, Inc. make them, if we can do so with the files submitted, possibly at an additional cost. Please remember that there may also be an additional cost incurred for revised files submitted again as they are treated like new jobs that need to be checked and prepped for printing. It is always best to check and recheck your files prior to submitting.

Will my finished piece look like it does on my computer screen?

Some people are amazed at how close the finished piece may look to their screen, but as a general rule, we would say that no it will not look exactly the same. There are several reasons for this. The most notable being variances in monitor calibration (these can differ greatly from computer to computer), and the fact that the things you are viewing on your computer are in a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) format and full color or 4-color printing is done in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK). While there are certain colors that translate well between RGB and CMYK, there are many that do not. Any files that are to be printed 4-color process, will need to be converted to CMYK prior to output.

Do I need to impose my job?

No – in fact we would prefer that you do not impose it. If you have a business card, please provide it 1-up, not 8-up on an 8.5×11. If you have a multi-page newsletter, leave them as individual pages, but make sure they are in the correct order.

Do I need to convert spot colors in my files?

If the job is not intended to print as a 4-color process (CMYK) job, but rather a 2-color spot job, then it is ok to leave them as spot colors. But, if it is intended to print 4-color, or full color, it is necessary to convert any spot colors to process. If you are unsure of how the job will be printed or on what press, it is ok to leave them as spot. We will convert them at no additional charge.

If I convert my spot colors to CMYK, will they look the same?

Unfortunately, they might not. Often times when colors are converted there is a dramatic color difference. This is because a spot color is one special ink color being used, and this can be very costly. CMYK or 4-color process is building that same color but by using 4 different inks to create it and often times these colors fall outside the color range of what can be simulated. If you are unsure of how your spot colors will convert, we advise consulting a Pantone Color Bridge swatchbook. This will show you a side by side color comparison of how a spot color will look when printed in 4-color process.

Will my job be proofread?

We do not proofread jobs that we receive. If we set any copy we will proofread that, but you are responsible for proofreading all copy prior to submitting your artwork. If we notice any typos in your artwork, we will notify you of them, but we will not be held responsible for any typos that you submitted in your artwork.

Mailing Lists

Do I need to use a specific program for a variable data job?

Yes – The software that we use to apply variable data is QuarkXpress on Mac OS X. If you build your files in another program, they will need to be saved as eps files and placed in Quark to apply the data. If you are supplying the data, we accept several types of files.

Do I need to supply data for the job?

If the job is for a mailing, yes. We do not offer List Generation at this time, but hope to in the near future. If it isn’t a mailing, we can usually build the data file for you at an additional cost. You will need to supply all the information for the database to be built. There are occasions when, due to the complexity of the information needed, that it would be more efficient for you to build them.

What mailing services do you offer?

We are a full service mail house so we offer mail list generation and mail list management as well as, processing one mailing list, CASS Certification (will allow mailing to eligible for certain bulk postage rates), NCOA data review (reduces risk of undeliverable mail), presort, setup, addressing and delivery to local post office. If multiple lists are supplied, there may be an additional cost for multiple list management.

What kind of file do I need to supply for a mailing list?

While there are several types of files we can use, the most common are tab and comma delimited, Microsoft Excel, MS Access and MS Word. If you have another type of file and are not sure if it would be usable, please contact our customer service department.

If you are addressing my mail piece, does it have to be sent from your local post office?

No, we can address the piece and send it back to you for you to mail. In that instance it will be necessary for you to supply the desired indicia to be used on the piece.

What will my mailing cost be?

You will be given the cost to mail your printed piece after we manage the mail list. The cost is dependent on many factors, including how many pieces are being mailed, how they are being sent and the final size of the mail piece.

Do I need to provide payment for the postage prior to the mailing?

Yes, we do require payment in full for the mailing before we deliver it to the post office.

What if the quantity of the mailing data is less than my total order?

Once the mail list quantity is finalized, we can either change the overall quantity of your job to match that required for the mailing. Or, we can print the entire amount and ship the extras to you. If you would like the extras shipped to you, there is always the option of removing the indicia on the pieces that are not mailed, so they may be used in the future.

What indicia will be used on my mail piece?

If you are having us deliver the job to our post office, we will use our indicia that is appropriate for the type of mailing (first class, presort…). If we are not mailing the piece, but are printing and addressing it, you will need to provide us with the indicia that needs to be used.

How much room do I need to leave for mailing information?

The USPS has strict guidelines that need to be followed for proper mail addressing and delivery. The minimum amount of space needed for mailing information, measuring left to right, is 3.5”. There needs to be 5/8” of clear space (nothing printed here) at the bottom for postal information, and the mailing address information cannot go higher than 2.75” from the bottom of the piece. If there is not adequate space left on the art provided, you will be contacted about the problem. If it can be corrected by us, we will do so. (See diagram)

Can there be an image behind the mailing address area?

It is best to leave that area free from any printing other than the mailing information. If you have a large image that takes up that area, simply create a white box to block out the mailing address area.