Add Postcards to Your Marketing Mix for 2015

December 23rd, 2014 by admin


Humble? Maybe, but postcards are oh-so effective. They’re an often-overlooked marketing mix element that can highlight points in your appeals, direct mail packages, e-mail marketing messages and newsletters.

“They have been an essential part of my marketing toolkit for years,” says insurance agency owner Ron Nanosky. “They’ve brought me thousands of dollars worth of new business, as well as helping to keep existing clients.”

That’s because anyone can afford to use them, and use them often. Postcards are economical to produce and to send. Since there’s less cost involved, you’ll be able to get in front of your readers regularly – an important key to higher response rates.

“But a postcard is so small!” Yep. Good postcard copy carries a single message. If you try to say too much, your jewel tool will be jumbled and lose its punch. Instead, zero in on one specific benefit for your reader or one particular action you want him to take.

Use postcards to …

Give readers a special opportunity

  • Announce a private sale
  • Offer an exclusive discount
  • Contact non-responders with a special offer
  • Remind readers about an upcoming event
  • Drive readers to a new product or service online
  • Promote a contest or award
  • Offer a free estimate

Share news and information

  • Announce a new or updated website
  • Introduce a new service
  • Introduce a new staff member
  • Tease readers by telling them to be on the lookout for an upcoming offer, mailing or announcement
  • Send a timely reminder of a seasonal task – changing clocks, preparing taxes, renewing a pledge

Create urgency so readers will act

  • Give a deadline for a limited offer
  • List urgent prayer requests
  • Solicit immediate help for an emergency or natural disaster

Cultivate your list

  • Share a piece of helpful information: when to list your piece of real estate, how to write to your sponsored child, what to include in a care package to a missionary
  • Create a monthly postcard campaign series
  • Thank readers for their support of a specific project or their purchase of a product
  • Send a picture of your product and a reminder about how to use it
  • Send a picture of a person your product or service impacts
  • Tell a short story about how a product or service changed a life

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