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Warmest thanks for all your hard work and outstanding contributions as a member of the Victor Printing Team! We know how much time and energy each print assignment demands, and we deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success. As always, it’s great to know that we can count on you […]

Vector Files: A vector file is made up of lines and arcs stored as coordinates. This means that vector files are made up of precisely defined entities, each with its own beginning and end, rather than lumpy groups of pixels as found in raster files. Vector files can be enlarged to any size without losing […]

1. Start with a plan. A strong direct mail program must keep the overall marketing strategy in mind. It is tempting to launch a direct mail campaign without first documenting a marketing plan, but without one, chances of obtaining a realistic response rate are very slim. 2. Identify a target list. The list is possibly […]

The U.S. Postal Service is gearing up for its busiest time of year, full of holiday cards and greetings, an increase in online shipping and presents packaged up and sent to loved ones. Here are the key shipping dates for December 25 arrival: Dec. 10-Priority Mail Express. Dec. 14- Standard post. Dec. 16- Global Express […]

Courtney Richards Graphic Designer Marketing Assistant Graphic designer with a love for her four-legged friends. A mix of handmade and high tech. That is Courtney. Everyone at Victor Printing would like to take a moment to warmly welcome our newest associate, Courtney Richards, Marketing Assistant, who comes to Victor Printing after working at Primary Health […]

When a designer generates graphics on a computer for printing, or wishes to print images from a digital camera, it is a common mistake to assume that the colors seen on the screen will look the same in print. As a result, files for printing are often erroneously sent in the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) format for […]

This time of year, many business owners are looking at how their business performed last year and trying to figure out how they can improve in the New Year. Here are some tips to help you start 2014 right. Look at how you operate your business and be sure you are truly focusing on your […]