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Scent marketing is a growing trend in advertising and is the latest way to stand apart from traditional print media. Adding scent to your print material, point of sale display or packaging will create an immediate link to your products and influence consumers purchase decision. proven benefits of scent advertising: Increases impulse buying  Heightened awareness Enhances mood and triggers […]

So what’s the deal with white ink printing technology? At Victor Printing we’ve found that most customers are unfamiliar with the creative design possibilities that white ink presents. Until late last year a request to print any light color ink on a darker hued substrate may have been met with discouraging budget restrictions from any printer […]

At an outdoor event I attended over the summer, a friend offered me a glass of wine. “Have you had it before?” she asked. When I said no, she poured a sample into my plastic cup and asked me not to hold her responsible if it was terrible. It turned out that she hadn’t tried […]

Victor Printing prints effective marketing materials for many businesses, but one that is often overlooked are scratch off cards. This outstanding marketing tool can generate incredible excitement for your customers. Using scratch off cards in your customers’ marketing arsenal, can instantly increase company sales and revenue, drive customers to their place of business or website, […]