6 Steps to Make Direct Mail Campaigns More Effective

December 11th, 2013 by admin

1. Start with a plan.
A strong direct mail program must keep the overall marketing strategy in mind. It is tempting to launch a direct mail campaign without first documenting a marketing plan, but without one, chances of obtaining a realistic response rate are very slim.

2. Identify a target list.
The list is possibly the single most important element to an effective direct mail effort. Response rates depend upon it. In fact, 40% of direct mail success relates to the mailing list.

3. Define the offer.
The offer is also a critical element.
It must be – Relevant – Specific – Singular – Time-sensitive – Easy – Exclusive – Obvious.

4. Choose a format.
Direct mail comes in a variety of formats – postcard, business letter, catalog, flyers, etc. The magic is to choose
the format most suited to reach a specific audience and get them to pay attention.

5. Be Creative.
Creativity is a key factor in the success of a direct mail campaign. To be successful, you need to connect with the target audience.

6. Track your results.
Start with one simple question: “How did you hear about us (or offer)? This question can be asked at every interaction (sales personnel, inbound calls, web forms, etc.) Another element of tracking results is to provide a unique response mechanism (i.e. PURL, coupon code, unique toll-free number, etc.)

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