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June 30th, 2014 by admin

The most valuable asset of your business is your employees. They are the ones responsible for making sales, providing service, producing materials, and everything in between.

And there is no better investment than helping your employees succeed, with an employee incentive scratch and win program.

Here are a few simple reasons to consider using Scratch and Win game cards for an employee incentive program:

  • Prizes are awarded at random, eliminating judgment by employees
  • Employees perceive the program as a game and want to win
  • Scratch and Win programs are easy to implement, effective and it is easy to measure

First, decide what goal your employees will achieve to receive a game card. The goal could be to sell a certain amount of product, be in compliance of regulations, help a certain number of customers; choose what’s most appropriate to help your business grow.

Next, create your game cards with whatever rewards you choose, i.e. money, better parking spaces, longer lunches, extra vacation days, anything! Now you can start your program. Count the number of cards you give to employees each week. Increasing numbers of cards being distributed means that the number of times employees are reaching their goal is also increasing. That’s it!

Scratch and win employee incentive programs are effective because they turn your company objectives and goals into a game that employees will want to play and win. You can use them to help your employees accomplish their goals and grow your business at the same time. If you want better productivity, more sales, increased compliance with regulations, a scratch and win employee incentive will help you reach those goals!

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