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“Strike It Rich With Scratch Offs”  Looking for a promotion that will Increase Response Rates, Increase Revenue and Strengthen Brand Loyalty for you and your customers? That is what a Scratch Off Card promotion will do! As your Promotional Communication Experts, Victor Printing has the experience and the knowledge to give you the high impact and highest quality interactive promotional marketing […]

Presses are running to catch up to him! Cutting blades measure their sharpness against his whit!  He is the “The Most Digital Man in the World” and he is back with another episode. You can get to know and admire him in his new video. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to keep up […]

His blood is made of ink! People become more productive when they stand next to him. He is… “The Most Digital Man in the World” and he is the face behind Victor Printing. He arrived with a bang on Victor Printing’s YouTube Channel. His much anticipated arrival did not disappoint viewers, who tended to watch […]

A local Museum of natural history is a world-class destination for visitors and researchers. For nearly a century it has served as an outstanding resource for public education and environmental conservation. Membership dollars support the Museum’s collections, its curators and their research, and educational programs that benefit one-quarter million visitors per year. Objectives: The Museum […]

The most valuable asset of your business is your employees. They are the ones responsible for making sales, providing service, producing materials, and everything in between. And there is no better investment than helping your employees succeed, with an employee incentive scratch and win program. Here are a few simple reasons to consider using Scratch […]

It all started with a brush tipped reed and a mixture of soot, water and vegetable gum and thanks to the Egyptians, around 2400BC, the ability to write on paper. From pictographs to the modern day sticky notes, to a multitude of technological advance in communications right at our fingertips, will handwritten notes live on? […]

Scent marketing is a growing trend in advertising and is the latest way to stand apart from traditional print media. Adding scent to your print material, point of sale display or packaging will create an immediate link to your products and influence consumers purchase decision. proven benefits of scent advertising: Increases impulse buying  Heightened awareness Enhances mood and triggers […]