Calendar Printing

September 11th, 2013 by admin

Calendar Printing
Calendar printing is a smart way to make sure your business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds or thousands of people each and every day.

When you compare how many people see your company’s branding every day, the cost of calendar printing can be an affordable way to promote your business.

Calendar printing can be a very effective promotional product. Leading industry authorities on marketing have claimed that promotional calendars are one of the best choices for distributing your business’ name. University studies show that promotional calendars are viewed more than most other promotional tools. In addition, calendars are retained and actively used by over three quarters of recipients.

There are numerous calendar types to choose from, such as Wall Calendars, Photo Calendars, Desk Calendars, Mini Calendars, Magnetic Calendars, Pocket Calendars and more.

Be creative with your promotional calendar to enhance it’s effectiveness as a marketing tool.

  • Including customized calendar days such as local events, non-traditional holidays, or company specials will distinguish your promotional calendar from others.
  • Adding custom artwork or photos of company projects, employees, or logos can make your promotional calendar a memorable conversation piece.
  • Increase your normal calendar printing volume so you can distribute the calendar outside your normal business channels. This will increase your company’s visibility and reduce the cost per unit with a higher print volume order.

Calendar printing can also be an effective way to promote your company via giveaways for charities, schools, youth sports teams, social clubs, etc. Because a promotional calendar has a 12 month life span, your product and/or company can receive daily visibility for an entire year.

Calendar printing is available in full color on both front and back sides, to maximize the use of your photos and custom artwork. Photos can enhance the visual appeal of a promotional calendar. Invest some creative thought into the photo or artwork you may include in your calendar printing. Consider including photos of people or product specific images to your calendar printing design. Staff photos are a creative way to personalize your promotional calendar. This method will engage your customers year round wth company relevant imagery.

Calendar printing is an effective tool for promoting your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business, organization, school or professional association. Calendar printing will keep your brand in the minds of potential customers every day of the year.

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