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Presses are running to catch up to him! Cutting blades measure their sharpness against his whit!  He is the “The Most Digital Man in the World” and he is back with another episode. You can get to know and admire him in his new video. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to keep up […]

His blood is made of ink! People become more productive when they stand next to him. He is… “The Most Digital Man in the World” and he is the face behind Victor Printing. He arrived with a bang on Victor Printing’s YouTube Channel. His much anticipated arrival did not disappoint viewers, who tended to watch […]

If you are like me and like to follow the latest trends, then you know been seeing a lot of gold. Gold is considered to be one of the hottest trends right now, and just a touch will add that luxe feeling to any space. Gold accents and accessories, gold nail head detailing on furnishings […]

Printing technology has made a lot of progress over the years. One of the most exciting developments is the ability to print digitally using opaque white ink. As designers, we are always looking for inspiration and white ink opens up a lot of possibilities. Dark colored substrates that would have been incredibly difficult and expensive […]

Luxurious and sophisticated, Soft Feel is far from the ordinary. When applied it creates a velvety texture making the paper “soft” to the touch. This tangible sensation increases the engagement and appeal with your prospect or customer. Darker color palettes will appear more muted and luscious when Soft Feel is applied. This coating also protects […]

CONTRAST DULL VARNISH. Contrast dull varnish allows you to highlight specific areas of a printed piece and adds depth to elements such as a logo or image. The spot dull varnish is applied first and then a flood coat of aqueous gloss is applied over the entire image. A chemical reaction takes place between the […]

Sharon, PA. – Victor Printing, a commercial trade printer and forms manufacture announced the addition of their new Duplo book binding system. Victor is now suited to produce short run digital booklets with much greater efficiencies. “The booklet maker has definitely helped speed up production and lower costs. The need to fold signatures has been […]

Scent marketing is a growing trend in advertising and is the latest way to stand apart from traditional print media. Adding scent to your print material, point of sale display or packaging will create an immediate link to your products and influence consumers purchase decision. proven benefits of scent advertising: Increases impulse buying  Heightened awareness Enhances mood and triggers […]

So what’s the deal with white ink printing technology? At Victor Printing we’ve found that most customers are unfamiliar with the creative design possibilities that white ink presents. Until late last year a request to print any light color ink on a darker hued substrate may have been met with discouraging budget restrictions from any printer […]