The Many Uses for Large Format Posters

August 15th, 2013 by admin

Grab the attention of your audience with large, full color posters. They are ideal for floor graphics, signs, movie posters, flipcharts, presentations and store or window displays.

To sell more large format posters target the markets which include your best prospects; like retailers, mall owners, real estate brokers, building managers, movie theatres and sales organizations.

Show poster samples to clients when selling larger format posters. At trade shows, use them to promote your print products and services and in turn, show that you sell large format posters also. Remind clients and prospects to use them in sales calls, meetings, conventions and seminars.

To sell more large format posters

  • Use bold letters for your headline that piques the interest of your prospect.
  • Keep your copy short and to the point. Remember this is a poster, not a sales letter!
  • A poster should be a graphic with a headline explaining the benefits of your client’s product and service.
  • Find out what benefit your prospects are looking for and specify it in the headline of the large format poster.
  • Tie the large format posters into a presentations package which would include the poster, foam board, banner and banner stands. Include handouts that need to be printed, business cards for the presenters, foam board for four color display presentations and a workbook.
  • Make it clear who you are but not in the headline of the large format poster. Include your name, address, phone number and website.
  • Keep graphics and copy in line with your brand personality.
  • Develop poster strategies to appeal to customers and prospects who may be able to get to buy more from you.

Like a sign store, large format posters sell themselves when prospects know you sell them. Don’t leave posters out of your sales arsenal. Remind buyers you sell them along with their many uses and functions.

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