Scratch Off Printing

September 6th, 2013 by admin

Victor Printing prints effective marketing materials for many businesses, but one that is often overlooked are scratch off cards. This outstanding marketing tool can generate incredible excitement for your customers. Using scratch off cards in your customers’ marketing arsenal, can instantly increase company sales and revenue, drive customers to their place of business or website, and can also improve employee moral, attendance and performance.

Scratch and win game cards are one of the most effective promotions available. Our unique and interactive promotions are perfect for attracting new customers and creating a winning experience for your customers. We take pride in providing a quality-marketing tool that will give your customers the edge over the competition.

Scratch and win game cards can be used in various ways. Employee incentives, trade show giveaways, in-store promotions, direct mailings, sporting events and fundraisers are all fantastic ways to use scratch off cards.

Scratch and Win cards can be used to:
• Increase foot traffic
• Increase sales
• Create impulse shopping
• Increase interaction
• Create brand awareness
• Employee incentives

It’s not your grandma’s print project.
We understand that it’s not always easy to sell print. Scratch off cards are different, they basically sell themselves. Any company can benefit from the clever use of these interactive materials. Scratch off cards are the perfect solution for any situation, AND you can sell promotional give away items as secondary items.

Our unique and interactive scratch off cards are perfect for attracting new customers and increasing not only your customer’s profits, but yours as well. We take pride in providing you the best marketing tool in the industry, and not to mention FUN!

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