What’s so great about printing with White Ink?

February 11th, 2014 by admin

So what’s the deal with white ink printing technology? At Victor Printing we’ve found that most customers are unfamiliar with the creative design possibilities that white ink presents. Until late last year a request to print any light color ink on a darker hued substrate may have been met with discouraging budget restrictions from any printer around the world. Sure there were ways, but your options were slim and costly. Whether you chose to go the foil stamping route, silkscreen, or even vinyl transfers, your options added extra production, and of course, added costs that would more than likely cause a customer to go a different route.

Now with our HP Indigo digital press and our HP FB 500 wide format printer, Victor Printing can offer an affordable white ink option. Our HP Indigo 5500 allows us to use one click of the mouse to satiate almost any dark substrate with a vivid white ink. For brighter whites or light colors on dark substrates, our machines lay down multiple layers of ink to offer an un-matched brightness and texture for light colors on dark substrates. We can even print white ink on wood signs and other materials.

So what does this mean for our customers? Printing with white ink enables our designers and our customers to expand their visual communication without using up their print budget. They pay less for high quality digital printing but they still get a print that stands out.

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